Olive Oil Oli de Mallorca DO with Pa amb Oli

The base is bread with oil - simple and sooo delicious

Strong brown bread (Majorcan bread is salt-free) lightly toasted in the oven or toaster. Add the extra virgin olive oil and rub the bread with tomato. Slice tomatos and put them on the bread crosswise. (The “Pa amb Oli” Majorcan Tomato is called tomato “ramallet”,  it grows on a bush and it is exceptionally juicy and it has an extremely solid shell.) The crusty bread looks like a grater and is so delicious with the olive oil and the fresh juice of the tomato soaked. This is the simplest form of “Pa amb Oli”, and now it is ready and tastes delicious. (Assuming that olive oil is top notch). Who likes, add cheese or ham, garnish with olives, season with garlic, or, also typical of Mallorca, put on a few branches of sweet and sour pickled samphire. In a social gathering each one prepares his own Pa amb Oli.